Here’s Why VCs Are Investing in Companies Like Upflex

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Despite the widespread nervousness about an impending recession, a recent piece by Commercial Observer points out that VCs are continuing to throw down for Flexible Work 2.0 — a proptech-fueled age of more accessible, more secure, more cost-effective distributed work.

“There’s a consistent thesis here,” said Valve Global VP of Revenue Francesco De Camilli: “that there’s a significant value to be captured by becoming the leading destination and marketplace to discover and book flexible workspace supply.”

Rich options — like Upflex’s 10,000-strong network that spans an unrivaled 135 countries — and a seamless discovery and booking experience is one part of the puzzle.

But when Upflex raised $30M in its Series A last year, investors across CRE and sustainable tech wanted a piece of this company not only because of its industry-leading flex space network, but because of its next-gen booking technology — and some of the features the company built in especially for mid-size businesses and enterprises.

Yes, managers are competing for talent in a world where every new hire wants the option to choose their work location. But they don’t just need nice space options — they need features that enable that flexibility while being thoughtfully tailored to meet the needs of their business: security, scalability and customizability, and easy adoptability for the employees booking space, and most of all, the rich trends and insights they get from Upflex’s platform.

These are going to continue to be differentiators as this proptech landscape grows — and #flexspace #startups that put their energy into security and data are going to come out on top.