Upflex App

Give Your Employees the Benefit of Flexibility

Employee App

Easy-to-use, intuitive interface for employees to book spaces anywhere, anytime.

Worldwide Access

With one app, your team members and employees can find a space near where they are, or where they need to be.

Easy Booking

Teams can find the perfect desk, private office, or meeting room for as many people they need. Book ahead of time or on the go.

Grow Your Culture

Once the space is booked, employees can easily share their location for a meeting or grab lunch with their colleagues, extending company culture outside the office.

Employer Dashboard

Upflex provides complete oversight of all activity, billing management, and custom flexibility plans for each team.

Complete Visibility

Track bookings, time used, and see who’s working where and when.

Simplify Expenses

Eliminate timely, costly expense reports and stay on-budget.

Smart Analytics

Gather valuable information and gain insight about employees, allowing you to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Enterprise Integration

Upflex can integrate key information points and analytic information into most existing Enterprise Solutions, to add value to comprehensive workforce reporting.

Network of Workspaces

Curated with business in mind, our network of workspaces is constantly growing.

Accredited Spaces

Our accredited network of workspaces leaves you confident every space is optimized for work.

Secure, Fast Wifi

Teams can feel secure knowing the spaces they visit have secure, business-grade Wi-Fi.


Upflex spaces have a vibrant community waiting to meet your teams. Engaging with other professionals leads to new opportunities.

Join the Flexibility Revolution