How Upflex Helps You Manage a Decentralized Office

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After months of working remotely, many companies have decided to adopt a flexible work model more permanently. Specifically, the hub and spoke model is shaping up to be the perfect solution as business emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help facilitate this model, Upflex is supporting organizations with tech-enabled solutions that provide access to co-working spaces throughout the world. Our global network of 5,000 workspaces across 1,600 cities and 70 countries, makes it easy to find a flexspace solution in you area and our technology makes it easy to manage a decentralized office. 

How Upflex Makes it Easy to Manage ‘Spokes’

As a single-vendor solution, Upflex eliminates the challenges of having to manage multiple offices in different locations (spokes). From security management to consolidated billing, companies can now rely on one provider for turnkey support and seamless access to offices throughout the world. 

Incidental Expenses

Eliminate the additional cost of hiring an outside cleaning or security team with professionally managed and maintained co-working spaces. As the health and safety of the Upflex community is our number one priority; we hire trusted professionals who put you first.

All offices are equipped with high-grade surveillance systems that are closely monitored by staff security. Each flex space is also subject to routine cleaning and maintenance that adheres to CDC and WHO safety guidelines.

Streamlined Billing

Upflex is a single-provider solution that does more than just eliminate the cost of a lengthy office lease. Paperwork for multiple spaces is consolidated: we combine expenses from different spokes into one monthly bill for our members to easily review and complete. 

By creating an easier and more cost-effective invoicing system, companies can reduce overhead while providing employees with the unrivaled flexibility that they need to operate most effectively. 

Community Health & Safety

As employees return to the office, companies are developing new protocols that promote the health and safety of those with the office. To help keep our communities safe, Upflex has developed a unique coworking program called Safe Spaces. 

By partnering with dedicated spoke offices throughout the world, employees can feel comfortable accessing a co-working space that’s actively cooperating with WHO and CDC measures. 

Members can browse certified Safe Spaces and view health and safety policies through the smartphone app or by visiting the Upflex website:

  • Community members must adhere to mandated social distancing of 6 feet
  • Readily available hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes 
  • Mandatory facial coverings provided for clients to reduce risk of exposure
  • Twice daily cleaning and disinfecting schedule 
  • Incident reporting alerts Upflex of any exposure or confirmed COVID cases

Make Data-Driven Decisions About Flex Space

We know one of the biggest hurdles to moving to a flexible office space is knowing what type of membership works best – and what works now may not work in a few months.

We make it easy to monitor how Upflex space is used. Occupancy and consumption data can be aggregated into a custom report, to help make better decisions about which Upflex solution is the best fit.

For example, start small with our Desk Membership plan and see how a team uses flexible space. Take that data and grow from there. By appropriately utilizing different spaces, organizations can reduce costs with flexible work arrangements that are designed to preserve workplace culture. 

Premier Workspaces without the Premium Price 

As an Upflex member, you’ll benefit from access to professionally managed amenities while working in some of the world’s most sophisticated co-working spaces. Whether you’re inviting clients to one of our uniquely designed meeting rooms or hosting an internal event for employees working out of a specific spoke office, Upflex makes it possible to provide employees with a luxury workspace experience without the premium price tag.