Pay your office rent with unused spaces.

Fill in our short questionnaire in just a few seconds to join the AirBnB of office spaces.

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Joining Upflex is Quick & Easy

Step 1: Apply

Complete our application form to qualify for free inclusion in the Upflex Network. We ask that all spaces have:

  • On-site Receptionist
  • Reliable Wi-Fi
  • Comfortable & Bright
  • Minimum 3 Flexdesks

Step 2: Publish Your Profile

Easily upload dozens of desks, offices, and meeting rooms to the Upflex platform

Step 3: Get Paid

Every month, receive payment for all the time Upflex users spend at your location


What are the requirements to list my coworking space?

To be listed on Upflex, your workspace must have a receptionist to welcome Upflex’s users. We also ask you to list at least 3 flexdesks for Upflex clients on our app.

How much does it cost to list my coworking space?

It’s free to list your coworking space. Upflex does not take commission: we pay a competitive rate based on your region.

How do I get paid?

Once your workspace is live on our platform, you will receive an email to create an account with our payment system.

Who will book my space?

Our clients are Enterprise companies whose employees use Upflex to book workspaces on demand. Our platform private is not open to everyone.

How will I know if I have a booking?

You and anyone else who needs to be notified will receive an email each time a booking is made.

Value to your Workspace

Reach New Customers

Reach New Customers

The entire Upflex network drives new traffic to your workspace

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Create new revenue streams: increase leads, increase sales.

Reduce Marketing Costs

Reduce Marketing Costs

Reduce acquisition costs: marketing, SEO, and free day passes.

What Our Partners Say About Us

Workville is excited about the launch of Upflex, a global network of upscale workspaces.  It’s a brilliant solution for the growing demands of the workspace market. Our mission here is to provide a friendly and productive workspace in NYC — and we know that when our members travel for business they miss the Workville experience. Upflex platform provides our members the opportunity to work from a vetted portfolio of global coworking spaces.

Sue Bernstock
President & COO, Workville, NYC

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