Space Spotlight: VillageOne

Welcome to our new Space Spotlight series, where we will be highlighting some of the amazing spaces in the Upflex network. 

NYC’s VillageOne Brings Creatives Together Through Coworking

The dynamic hustle-and-bustle of New York City is undeniable. And many people love the high-energy vibe that you can only experience by working in a big city. But sometimes we all need a quiet, beautiful oasis to do our best creative work. Providing that type of welcoming environment is the vision behind VillageOne, a unique coworking space in Manhattan.

According to VillageOne founder and CEO Vivienne Yang, “the whole idea of the sharing economy is very brilliant.” She appreciates that coworking empowers small teams and freelancers to work where and when they want. Still, Vivienne found something lacking in many co-working spaces. “Most of the coworking spaces,” says Vivienne, “give [freelancers and teams] very basic equipment or amenities.”

So Vivienne set out to build something different. With an open area for solo work, spaces for meetings, and exclusive amenities, VillageOne caters to creative professionals. Vivienne envisions VillageOne as a place where people can elevate their creativity and make connections with like-minded people.

A Home for Creative Professionals

Since its launch in 2018, VillageOne has started to gain attention among NYC’s vast creative community. “We have writers every day,” Vivienne says, “five o’clock in the morning until afternoon around five.”

And the site has also attracted web developers, furniture design companies, jewelry designers, production companies, marketing firms, artificial intelligence (AI) creators, and others. While many members work at VillageOne two to three days each week, the space also welcomes short-term bookings that last a day or less.

One of the big attractions of VillageOne is its fully-equipped studio for photography and video production. The studio features state-of-the-art-lighting equipment, hair and makeup stations, production space, and an editing station. Photographers have used the studio for photo shoots highlighting the newest seasonal fashions. When not in use for photography or video creation, the space converts to a large meeting room that can hold up to 40 people.

The multiple-function room is also available for photo and video shoots as well. Vivienne says that space is gaining recognition as a home for workshops, dance intensives, and meditation gatherings.

If creatives need to revive their energy during work, all they need to do is step outside the door of VillageOne. Located in the heart of SoHo, VillageOne is close to small exotic and concept shops, along with restaurants featuring many types of cuisine–including Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish. Vivienne says Thai restaurant Lovely Day is her personal favorite, and many VillageOne members agree.

An Art and Light-Filled Space

From day one, Vivienne has aspired to cultivate a space that is inspirational and functional. With the help of art curator, Christy Qin, that dream has been coming to life.

Vivienne envisions the coworking space at VillageOne an “immersive art gallery.” Instead of the usual experience visiting a gallery and looking at art, VillageOne aims to bring art into everyday life. The goal is to make engaging with art more natural and accessible while evoking conversation and new ideas.

To-date, VillageOne has hosted exclusive solo exhibitions by several rising stars in the contemporary art scene. VilliageOne has featured exhibitions by Alex G. Cao, Jingyu Xu, and James Gortner with many more artist collaborations planned for the future.

While working at VillageOne, creatives can enjoy being surrounded by magnificent works of contemporary art. The site’s designer furniture, lush greenery, and abundance of natural light also fosters an uplifting, comfortable feel.

A Coworking Space Focused on Style, Flexibility, and Creativity

With VillageOne, Vivienne Yang is tapping into the creative pulse of New York City. Her focus on promoting artistic expression and embracing diversity attracts individual creators and teams who share her ideals. And entrepreneurs who have outgrown home offices can turn to VillageOne for a more professional space while keeping costs in check.

VillageOne’s focus on creatives sets it apart from other coworking spaces in the city. The coworking facility has quickly become a mecca for professionals and small teams across diverse fields. Keeping up with VillageOne’s rapid growth has made each day a new adventure for Vivienne and her team.

Although catering to new members every day has been intense, Vivienne finds the work she does deeply rewarding. She’s thrilled by the many five-star reviews VillageOne has received. And she takes pride in knowing that VillageOne members and visitors value having a beautiful, professional space to unlock their creative potential.


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