The 5 Types of People You Might Meet at Your Coworking Space

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Getting your start at a new coworking space? Keep your eyes peeled for these five people.

There’s so much to love about remote work — but it’s no secret that working independently can be isolating. That’s why so many people who are tired of working from the house but not quite ready (or eager) to go back to the office are turning to coworking spaces and shared offices.  The presence of talented, value-aligned coworkers can make a huge impact on your career and your mental health alike.

When you start working in a coworking space, you will meet some amazing people who are sure to transform your career. Here’s our list of the five people to keep an eye out for.

1. The Collaborator

Whether this is a freelancer or a full-time employee with a passion for new ideas, this person will take a deep interest in the work you’re doing. In their off hours, they do a lot of networking, and they have many resources that they are excited to share. The collaborator care all about open innovation. It’s more important to them to share their knowledge quid pro quo with other remote workers — like you!

2. The Mentor

This person has founded their own company in the past — perhaps more than once. They’re busy, and they are running a small-but-mighty team, but they’re passionate networkers and they love mentoring people like you. They’ll always make time to share wisdom or introduce you to someone in your industry.

3. The Drop-In

Whether they’re sharing an Upflex workspace with you or are trying out your shared office on a day pass, the drop-in is new to the scene and can offer fresh perspective. Maybe you can help them, too!

Drop ins tend to be savvy digit nomads. They know how to stretch a buck, and because of this, they’ll be able to recommend tool, apps, and product that help them get their job done. Drop ins are great person to connect with for the long term, so don’t forget to exchange information with them.

4. The Digital Marketer

The digital marketer might work full time for another company, but has a good deal of expertise in the field and they’ll gladly share it. Need to boost your marketing presence? They’ll point you in the right direction. They’re a great sounding board, and they’ve got lots of insight into free tools and tried-and-true strategies that can bolster your efforts.

5. The Ex Work-From-Homer

Working from home got too isolating for the former work-from-homer, and a coworking space has given them a new outlet for building community. This person is enthusiastic and grateful, and can remind you of the benefits of remote employment if you’re ever feeling demotivated.

Coworking spaces and shared offices are full of new faces. Take the time when you can to network with them. The odds are good that you’ll take one another’s work and talents to brand new heights.