When are your workspaces are open?

Our partner spaces set their own hours, and Upflex users are able to book whenever the workspaces are staffed. Most workspaces are open during business hours M-F, though you will find some open [...]

Where are your workspaces?

Upflex has 5,000+ locations in over 70 countries. We do your best to have workspaces close to where you live or travel.   You can browse by city to see all our locations on our app, or on [...]

What is Hub & Spoke?

Hub – We set up a hub for your company, a branded, secured and dedicated base location. Hubs are meant to allow access to all users contracted in that unit for both hub (that specific [...]

How does it work?

Flexibility allows you to find the right solution for you, and that’s what we aim for at Upflex. When we set up your company, we try to put together the right combination of hub locations, spoke [...]

What is Upflex?

Upflex is the premiere provider of comprehensive solutions for managing remote and hybrid workplaces to SMBs & Enterprise companies. These solutions include access to one of the world’s [...]